Amy Levin

Master Teacher 

Amy began practicing Pilates in 1995 as a compliment to her love of Brazilian dance and Tai Chi. After experimenting with various forms of movement she found Pilates to be the most profound in gaining tone and strength, and healing from chronic hyper-mobility.

Amy teaches one on one Pilates sessions and group classes with emphasis on alignment, strength, flexibility, and flow of movement. She works with those whose goals are fitness as well as those requiring strengthening to recover from injury. She has been certified through Mercy Sidbury, a prominent teacher in the world of Pilates, for 17 years and has been practicing and studying Pilates continually to enrich her knowledge. Her goal is to share with others the joys and milestones that Pilates has provided her over the years. She is also a Brazilian Dance instructor and applies Pilates to her dance classes, creating a safe and enjoyable environment to move with grace.

“My lifetime commitment to Pilates has done wonders for my dance and general well-being.”