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January 18th – February 16th (Course material available on Jan. 4th)
The Fulfilled & Successful Pilates Student 28-Day Online Course with Chantill Lopez
An amazing online self-care and Pilates self-practice course that will help you stay committed to YOU in 2015. Set powerful & realistic goals, reach them, and MOVE BEYOND THEM.
  • Get weekly short practice videos (and the written transcripts) you can follow anywhere you are and build on.
  • Get weekly breath practice audios that will not only improve your movement practice, but your life.
  • Connect with me — Chantill — personally once a week for check-ins and questions.
  • Be guided, supported, and taught how to create a practice that is sustainable and integrated into your LIFE!
  • Create daily anchors for your self-care and self-practice that will make it EASY to take care of yourself.
Learn more HERE:
Only $97
Pilates Home Practice with Kristen Iuppenlatz Grech
Pilates For Your Life helps you build body awareness and gives you more flexibility, balance and strength for pain free posture and easier movement no matter where you are – from your car to your kitchen to your garden. This online Pilates and movement course includes:
  • Five foundational movement videos, introducing you to Pilates movement techniques and helping you tune into your body’s patterns and tendencies.
  • Five videos focused on using Pilates movement techniques in everyday scenarios, like driving, gardening, cooking, climbing stairs and working at your desk.
  • A 30 Minute Pilates Mat Class
Learn more HERE:
Only $69
We think that these two programs are brilliant partners! We also think they can make a tremendous difference in your life — the kind of difference YOU REALLY WANT!
Follow the links above and sign up for BOTH COURSES and get a BONUS 30-minute consultation WITH EACH OF US!
IT IS POSSIBLE to have a home practice that you can maintain. IT IS POSSIBLE to achieve what you desire. And we want to HELP YOU DO IT.
If you have questions, please contact Chantill at chantill@skillfulteaching.com or



Now Hiring! Pilates Teachers & Studio Assistant

Angelina_Alire_pilates_collective_springboardPilates Collective, a thriving Pilates studio in Sebastopol, California, is hiring! We’re looking for both certified Pilates teachers and a studio assistant. Please check out the position descriptions below and get in touch if you’re interested in learning more.

Pilates Teachers
Pilates Collective offers group, small group, and private Pilates and CoreAlign sessions in our warm, bright studio space. We’re looking for certified teachers who share our commitment to inspiring clients to explore movement with joy. We represent different styles of Pilates and CoreAlign practice in our Collective, and we welcome you to bring your experience and perspective to our group. We hope you are interested in building a full schedule (10+ hours), and we are flexible about timing and schedule.

Studio Assistant
Pilates Collective staff members pride ourselves on our knowledge, skill, and positive engagement with our clients and community. A studio assistant is our Jack or Jill of all trades, able to help customers, manage our website and social media accounts, and create a friendly, welcoming studio environment. We’re looking for someone who likes to work independently and has strong customer service skills. Hours and schedule are flexible.

Announcing the Summer Practice Challenge!

257_2013pilatesOur 30 Day Summer Challenge kicks off on July 15th! We’re introducing new discounts to inspire you to reach your goals! 

Here’s how it works. Beginning July 15, you decide how many times you’d like to practice in the next 30 days.

  • Practice 10 times, you’ll get 10% off
  • Practice 15 times and you’ll get 15% off
  • If you practice 20 times, you’ll get 20% off!

Discounts will be applied to classes and sessions the following thirty days, August 15th through September 15th.

Springboard, YogaPilates, Bounce or Trio classes, Individual or Duet Sessions all add up to savings. (Sorry, self-practice and 30 day trial memberships do not count for this challenge.)

To participate, sign up in the studio, get a practice tracker sheet and experience how a committed summer practice keeps you looking and feeling your best.

Celebrate the Spring Practice Challenge July 19!

redsCelebrate the success of the Spring Practice Challenge! On Saturday, July 19, we invite all the participants in the Spring Practice Challenge to join us for delicious wines and an informal, educational wine tasting experience featuring wines from Kelly’s family’s winery, The Meeker Vineyard.

Kelly will pour a selection of her family’s famous big red wines from Kelly’s family winery. Join us to celebrate your success with your fellow Pilates practitioners while enjoying some excellent wine. We’ll crown the winners of the 6 Week Spring Practice challenge and have additional prizes for the participants!

Saturday, July 19, 4-6 pm
@ Pilates Collective Studio
Please RSVP to Kristen at kristen@pilatescollective.com.




Join the Spring Practice Challenge!

We’re going to give you a little extra motivation to meet your wellness goals with our Spring Practice Challenge! You set your goal to practice 2, 3 or 4 times a week with us at Pilates Collective, and if you meet your goal, you win prizes!

Challenge yourself. Come in to the studio for Springboard or Trio classes, Individual Sessions, or even Self-practice. Prices include an invitation to a Wine Tasting Party featuring wines from The Meeker Vineyard hosted by Kelly Meeker (one of our fantastic teachers), plus bottles of wine (and other non-alcohol gifts) for our top participants!

The rules are simple:

  • Sign up on the studio Challenge Board at the front door after April 29th
  • Pick your practice goal – 2, 3 or 4 times a week!
  • Put a sticker by your name each time you come in to the studio
  • Those who meet their goals get to party!

Click here to sign up for classes online! Have questions? Give the studio a call at 707-829-8746 anytime.


Refer Your Friends, Get Free Classes

amy_sideAt Pilates Collective, our existing clients are our most powerful advocates and promoters. We depend on you to let us know how we’re doing and to build a happy, buzzing studio full of mindful movement and joy.

We appreciate your commitment to being part of our Collective – and we want to thank you for helping us grow our community by offering a new, expanded referral program. Here’s how it works:

  • Refer your friends, family, coworkers and neighbors to the Pilates Collective. Here’s how they can get started.
  • If they purchase a Flexible Membership (starting at $150), you get $15 in free flexible membership dollars you can use however you like.
  • That’s it!

We love that you’ll help us build a community of movement, practice and joy – and we welcome you to invite your people to join us. If you have any questions, please email Kristen or call the studio at 707-829-8746.

New Year’s Resolutions? Come Back and Practice Pilates Special

The Pilates Collective communityIt’s January, and that means it’s resolution time! While this social tradition may feel a little forced, it’s a great time to refocus your attention on your wellness and your goals. We’re going to make it a little easier for those of you who are vowing to come back to Pilates to do so!

For Pilates Collective clients who have not been in the studio for at least six months:

Get $180 Flex Dollars for only $130 (That’s $50 Off!)
We recommend 2 Individual Sessions PLUS 2 trios or 4 Springboard Classes, but you can use it any way you like.

New Teachers, New Classes, Lots going on at Pilates Collective in 2014.

Have you tried the amazing CoreAlign yet? We can’t wait to see you back in the studio! Call the studio or come on in to redeem this offer (expires 1/31/14).

Get Back on the Horse with Pilates: Lynn Galeazzi

Pilates Collective student Lynn GaleazziAt Pilates Collective, we are honored by the opportunity to work with members of our community to help them achieve their health and fitness goals. We particularly love celebrating their success! Lynn Galeazzi has embraced Pilates to reduce pain and improve her ability to ride horses – one of her favorite pastimes. Your Pilates strength and skills don’t just help you in the studio; they are fabulous tools for improving your movement, health and wellness in every aspect of your life.  

I had been taking private Pilates mat classes for several years at a horse facility where I ride, and I also wanted to work on Pilates equipment. I had heard good things about Kristen and Pilates Collective so I called her to begin my journey.  I have struggled with leg and hip pain for years.  My work with Kristen has helped strengthen these areas and my pain is now almost non existent. Pilates has also tremendously helped my riding, and improved my riding position and balance.

I cannot choose a favorite piece of equipment!  I enjoy the challenge of using all of the equipment in their studio, and I never get bored here. I have and will continue to recommend Pilates Collective to all my family and friends.

Pilates Gets You Back in the Garden: Peggy Tourje

PIlates CoreAlign Student Peggy Tourje

At Pilates Collective, we are honored by the opportunity to work with members of our community to help them achieve their health and fitness goals. We love celebrating their success. We’re thrilled to share how Pilates and CoreAlign exercise helped Pilates Collective client Peggy Tourje get back to her regular life after being diagnosed with cancer. 

What inspired you to start working out with Pilates Collective? 

Before starting CoreAlign, I was diagnosed with cancer and had undergone 6 weeks of radiation and chemotherapy. The treatment and recovery period left me with general muscle atrophy and weakness especially in my hips, core, abs and legs.

How has Pilates changed your body?

I was unable to walk up steps or do simple gardening and was limited to slow, short walks. I have been doing CoreAlign Pilates for about 4 months and am amazed at the difference it has made in my overall fitness.

How have Pilates and CoreAlign workouts changed your life?  

As a result of my workouts, twice a week, I am now back to gardening, long walks and I can even make it up a long series of steps. I also notice my balance is improved and my posture is better.


Working with Back Issue – Case Studies

Hi all,

Sorry this is getting to you later than expected. I wanted to go ahead and post these scenarios on the forum so they were available for us to continue discuss. We will use these three situations as topics for tonight’s mentoring meeting.


Scenario One:

(This one is from our Reformer 2 module for those of you who attended)

65 year old woman
Walks 2-3 miles a day
Has recently been diagnosed with ostopenia
Has done some Pilates at her gym, but stopped after a few classes because it was bothering her neck (no neck injuries)
Two months ago she stepped off a curb abruptly and is still experiencing pain in the right side of her low back. Still able to accomplish her ADL (activities of daily living :)
She has some knee grinding, accompanied by mild pain when walking up hill or stairs (no history of knee injury).
Her GOAL: To prepare for a trekking trip to Peru in 6 months.

Design an overall program for this student including what key elements would you work on, work toward, what would you focus on as points of getting her closer to her goals while helping to reduce pain and increase mobility/stability.

You can also create the “ideal session” for her (this would be one that would be after you’ve established the baseline, fundamentals etc.)


Scenario Two:

(This and the next scenario are similar to the ones we did in Ref. 3, but not exactly. Please read through them carefully.)

  • 16-year-old female gymnast.
  • Actively competing at the state and national level.
  • Has been diagnosed with facet syndrom in her low back (L1/L2-T12).
  • Pain is low level and constant.
  • Pain increases primarily on the left side when she is doing a lot of extension, which typically means when she is practicing her across-the-floor program.
    •     This typically will make her have to rest for several days.
  • She is hoping to compete in a major qualifying competition in 2 months.
  • She typically practices 5 days a week 3-5 hours each day.
  • She has been advised to take at least 2 weeks off to rest and recover.
  • She is tight in the anterior hip and anterior shoulder, very strong.
  • She is hypermobile in the lumbar spine and mildly kyphotic in the thoracic with only mediocre flexibility in this area.


Scenario Three:

  • 48-year-old male cyclist.
  • Construction worker for the past 25 years. 
  • Tight in quads and anterior shoulders
  • Significant kyphosis and forward head
  • Has had multiple injuries over the years including:
    • Torn rotator cuff – surgery (15 years ago)
    • ACL surgery on the right knee (10 years ago)
    • Fell off a ladder 5 years ago, diagnosed with serious lumbar and thoracic strain – feels 80% recovered except…
  •  Suffers actively from sciatic pain that goes all the way to his left foot
    • Sciatic pain comes and goes, is residual from ladder fall
    • Pain is exacerbated by long rides
  • Is extremely strong due to is labor-based work although he does more foreman work now and less manual labor
  • Would like to ride around the Big Island of Hawaii this summer – 8 months to train

 Scenario Four:

(I couldn’t help myself…)

  • 36-year-old pregnant woman – early in her second trimester.
  • Hypermobile particularly in thoracic spine, shoulders and hips.
  • Practices yoga on and off, was a dancer and athlete, but less active in the past 5 years since having first child.
  • Has right upper trap tension due to stress that results in migraines once every 2 or 3 months. 
    • Also has some nerve pain through front of right shoulder, elbow and hand due to broken elbow 18 years ago.
  • Has a long history of low back discomfort without any diagnoses, does not interfere with ADL
  • Was recently in a car-accident so neck pain and pain around right scapula has increased making it difficult to sleep, flex her neck or rotate.
  • Has right SI joint disfunction that comes and goes but has been exacerbated by pregnancy and the car accident.
  • Preparing for 6 week trip to CO where she will be hiking, camping, swimming and generally be very active. 
    • At that point she will be entering her third trimester. 


  Case Studies Recording 

  Case Studies Analysis

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