January 18th – February 16th (Course material available on Jan. 4th)
The Fulfilled & Successful Pilates Student 28-Day Online Course with Chantill Lopez
An amazing online self-care and Pilates self-practice course that will help you stay committed to YOU in 2015. Set powerful & realistic goals, reach them, and MOVE BEYOND THEM.
  • Get weekly short practice videos (and the written transcripts) you can follow anywhere you are and build on.
  • Get weekly breath practice audios that will not only improve your movement practice, but your life.
  • Connect with me — Chantill — personally once a week for check-ins and questions.
  • Be guided, supported, and taught how to create a practice that is sustainable and integrated into your LIFE!
  • Create daily anchors for your self-care and self-practice that will make it EASY to take care of yourself.
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Only $97
Pilates Home Practice with Kristen Iuppenlatz Grech
Pilates For Your Life helps you build body awareness and gives you more flexibility, balance and strength for pain free posture and easier movement no matter where you are – from your car to your kitchen to your garden. This online Pilates and movement course includes:
  • Five foundational movement videos, introducing you to Pilates movement techniques and helping you tune into your body’s patterns and tendencies.
  • Five videos focused on using Pilates movement techniques in everyday scenarios, like driving, gardening, cooking, climbing stairs and working at your desk.
  • A 30 Minute Pilates Mat Class
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Only $69
We think that these two programs are brilliant partners! We also think they can make a tremendous difference in your life — the kind of difference YOU REALLY WANT!
Follow the links above and sign up for BOTH COURSES and get a BONUS 30-minute consultation WITH EACH OF US!
IT IS POSSIBLE to have a home practice that you can maintain. IT IS POSSIBLE to achieve what you desire. And we want to HELP YOU DO IT.
If you have questions, please contact Chantill at chantill@skillfulteaching.com or