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We recommend all new students begin by scheduling a one hour Introductory Session for only $40. Meet with one of our exceptional Teachers in the studio at your convenience to discuss how Pilates can benefit you. You’ll receive a postural assessment and a movement experience on the amazing Pilates and CoreAlign equipment. We’ll address your individual concerns, assess your level and discuss your options for future practice.


$69 One Month Unlimited TrialA low risk way of exploring what Pilates is and what we offer. Meet our teachers and decide what classes you love.  Try out our Group Classes:  6 person Springboard/Mat classes.  For students who are fit and have no injuries or have previous Pilates experience.  Also available after your first 5 Individual Sessions.

Schedule online or call the studio at 707-829-8746 and let us know when you are available to come in. 

Class Schedule

Individual Sessions with a Skilled Pilates Teacher. If you have injuries, specific challenges, chronic issues or you just want to see rapid results, we recommend at least 5 Individual Sessions to begin.  Receive a $50 discount on your first 5 Individual Sessions; $375 to work with a Master Teacher, $325 to work with a senior teacher or $275 to work with a Full Teacher.  We also have Student Teachers available.

Advance to individual, duet or trio Equipment Classes on the Pilates Reformer, Cadillac, Wunda-chair and CoreAlign. Learn about all the Pilates and CoreAlign classes we offer here. Our qualified instructors provide plenty of attention and guidance for amazing results.  You can also continue with Springboard/Mat and group equipment classes.

Create the perfect blend with our Flexible Membership Account and get a discounted price on all services. (We’ll help you figure out the best schedule to suit your time, budget and goals.)

Purchase a Flexible Account and use it like credit to purchase any of our services at a discounted rate, available for: $150/$300/$600/$1200 (no expiration date)
$600 Flex includes a Perk of unlimited Self-Practice in our studio
$1,200 Flex includes 2 Perks of Unlimited Self-Practice and an Introductory Session to give as a gift

(Family members may share a Flex Account for greatest ease of use.)

More detailed information about classes

Springboard/Mat $20 per session/$15 per session for Flex members

Group Equipment Classes $25 per class/$20 per class for Flex members

Trio Sessions $35 per session/$30 per session for Flex members

Trios with a Master Teacher: $40 per session/$35 per session for Flex member

Duet Sessions $45 per session/$40 per session for Flex members

Duets with a Master Teacher $55 per session/$50 per session for Flex members

Individual Sessions Full Teacher: $65 per session/$60 per session for Flex members
Senior Teacher: $75 per session/$70 per session for Flex members
Master Teacher: $85 per session/$80 per session for Flex members
Student Teacher: 10 sessions for $200

All Pilates and CoreAlign sessions are 55 minutes

Reiki Therapy

$30 for one half hour
$60 for one hour

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$40 Introductory Session

Learn more, talk to a teacher and explore how Pilates can benefit you.

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$69 One Month Unlimited Trial

Enjoy all our Pilates Springboard and Mat Classes for 30 days.

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