Mentoring Program

Skillful Teaching Mentoring Program

“Good teaching cannot be reduced to technique; good teaching comes from the identity and integrity of the teacher.”  ― Parker J. Palmer

Chantill has been my teacher, mentor, and friend for many years. She is a brilliant teacher of both Pilates and how to be a teacher – two distinct, but overlapping, pursuits. She has coached me on the foundational things, like introducing myself to clients and cueing from multiple perspectives, and on the advanced pursuits that make good teachers great, like finding strength in times of doubt and insecurity and working with challenging students. She will meet you where you are, help you set goals both personal professional, and guide you in mapping an executing a path forward. Moreover, she’ll ask you the tough questions you may be too nervous to ask yourself! I cannot recommend anyone as a mentor more fulsomely than I recommend Chantill.

— Kelly Meeker, Apprentice Pilates Teacher

I have had the honor of taking the Pilates teacher training with Chantill Lopez and am excited to begin my fourth year in her mentoring program. Chantill’s authenticity and grace come through in everything she does, fostering the passionate curiosity about the body in motion that is essential to being a good movement teacher. Her mentoring program covers every aspect of teaching from how to teach each exercise and why to creating trusting teacher/student relationships to the business side of things. I whole heartedly recommend her program for anyone that is interested in digging deeper into their self practice and teaching.

— Trinity Minty, Pilates Teacher.

Chantill’s presence is authentic, warm, receptive, and seemingly fearless, all which create a safe environment for learning and challenge at all levels. Combine these characteristics with a high standard of professionalism and excellence she has held to over the years, I can say in all honesty she will convince you that only a whole-hearted, disciplined and embodied practice can enrich our lives, not just on the physical plane, but on the mental, emotional, and spiritual levels of being, which is at the core of the work of Joseph Pilates.

Centa Uhalde, Pilates Teacher, Creative Arts Coach


There is nothing like having a new path lined by the lantern light of those who have experienced the journey before. Outside of our trainings and workshops there is so much to be learned, discovered and translated that the guidance of someone further down the path can become the key to successfully integrating into the world of teaching.

As you will soon discover teaching is more than just getting a body to move; it’s more than instructing. Teaching is guiding, inspiring, motivating and driving students toward their full potential. Teaching is a fully embodied endeavor that requires of us a deep attention to our strengths, motivations, and values. Teaching takes courage. The complete business of teaching takes us further than we can imagine and that is why the support and guidance of a mentor (and mentors) is invaluable.

The ultimate goal of the Skillful Teaching Mentoring Program is to help you create inspired work for yourself, as well as inspire others. We do this by first and foremost exploring the inner demands of teaching. Nurturing your inner teacher along with developing a strong technical base will allow you to create a more solid foundation of committed teaching that is less likely to waiver and more likely to stay Authentic, Meaningful, and Lasting.

Myself and the collaborating master teachers you will work with know from experience that having someone to turn to can be the difference between a teaching life that is mediocre and woven with self-doubt  — often culminating in burnout — and one where we are both fulfilled and successful. That is why this one-of-a-kind mentoring program was created and why I am thrilled it will be a part of your journey!

— Chantill Lopez, Director of Education and Mentoring


What You Can Expect From The Program:

 For Your Inner Teacher & Yourself

  • Regular self-inquiry, reflection, meditation and journaling practices to help you connect with and clarify your PURPOSE for teaching as well as:
  • Find and maintain a stable and malleable confidence
  • Fuel your courage for teaching in difficult, unfamiliar and demanding teaching situations (*this is more important than you might imagine!*)
  • Help you teach from where you are
  • Develop the HABIT OF PRACTICE so you can always be a student of what you teach!
  • Establish a clear Vision and Mission for your teaching
  • Exploration of inter- and intra-personal skill development:
    • Setting boundaries with students
  • Promoting & sustaining confidence (for yourself and your students)
  • Building healthy teacher-student relationships
  • Motivating students for long term success
  •  How to identify and integrate your professional integrity into everything you do

Technical and Professional Support

  • Study and examination of Joseph Pilates original texts and the Pilates Philosophy
  • What was he really saying and how can we teach from that place
  • Why and when to use the original (classic) orders
  • The power of consistency, repetition, and progression
  • Transitions, flow and precision
  • Exploration of special populations & pathologies
  • Practice and application of effective, straight forward verbal and manual cues
  • Fundamental assessment tools and competency tracking
  • Understand and clarify the INTENTION and the WHY of each foundational movement principle and concept:
    • How to apply to modifications & variations
  • Program, class and session development
  • Skill assessment and tracking strategies
  • Fundamental tools for building a business with meaning, how to market yourself, and other business related skills that will help you cultivate and sustain a profitable student-base.

Details and Time Commitments

The LIVE program is ongoing therefore when you begin you may find that the group is somewhere in the middle of the manual. You will have a private 1.5-hour orientation (or group orientation) with me to get you started. After that the way I will guide you is by assigning weekly and monthly exercises and tasks via the Facebook group and email. We will have focuses and themes each month and each quarter with coordinating reading and exercises drawn from the manual.

Our online discussions as well as our tele workshops and one-on-one conversations will revolve around the current topics. Areas of focus, as they pertain to the Mentoring Manual are listed above in the What You Can Expect Section.

In-person commitment

  • Quarterly Mentoring Workshops with Chantill or other Master Teachers. Locations, although TBA, will be within Sonoma, Napa, and Marin Counties or the Sacramento area.
  • 6-Hour workshops take place one Saturday every quarter (See Mentoring Calendar for dates and times)
    • Three hours will be spent exploring a technical topic
    • Three hours will be dedicated to our Inner Teacher topics

Monthly inquiry topics for journaling and reflection

  • You will be requested to journal and then post your insights and comments to the online platform
  • You will also be requested to share your thoughts and insights during our monthly tele workshops

Monthly mentoring one-on-one check-ins (30-45 minutes)

  • Check-ins will happen on a regular schedule on the phone or via Skype
    • You will be expected to choose a consistent day and time each month

Monthly tele workshops

  • These Tele Workshops are open to teachers in the ONLINE & LIVE mentoring programs and will create a regular and more frequent opportunity for teachers to learn about a multitude of skills and techniques as well as connect with other teachers.

Observation & assisting opportunities: 

  • You will be able to freely observe any class or session that Chantill teaches as well as gain access to other teachers in your area. (A list will be provided. Arrangements will need to be made with studio or teacher directly.)
  • Recorded video sessions and classes will also be made available
  • You will also be eligible to assist/co-teach with Chantill. Arrangements to be made upon request.
  • 10% discount on services at local participating studios (A list will be provided)


Online Mentoring Program platform provided by Ruzuku**

  • Ÿ Video Workshop Modules
  • Videos will range from 15-45 minutes each
  • Modules will typically consists of 2-5 videos on a particular topic
  • New modules will be delivered quarterly, but you will have access to all previous modules.
  • Monthly assignments and inquiry exercises
  • Discussion boards – open access and ongoing
  • Opportunities to submit teaching audio and video files for evaluation

**To gain access to the Online Mentoring Program platform there is an additional cost. See details below.**

(This is not a complete list of what is included in the program.)


How It Works

Applying, Participation & Cost

This is an Application Only program. All teachers interested in participating will also have to complete an informal interview process as well as provide at least two professional references.

Helping you craft a teaching career with meaning, a vocation that is not only rooted in solid and clear technical skill but brings to light and nurtures you as the teacher, is my PRIMARY GOAL. Therefore the program is only suitable for those who are interested and willing to explore all the dimensions of what teaching requires outwardly and inwardly.

Participants should be prepared to show up fully, engage in all inquiry processes and homework, and attend ALL scheduled events.

This program is appropriate for teachers with no to little experience (less than five years). If you have more than five years experience teaching, please inquire about One-on-One Coaching and Mentoring.


First Year Participants

The first year of the mentoring program requires a 12-month commitment. You may start anytime. Any material already posted in the current year will be accessible for you to browse, use, or explore in addition to moving along with the current group.

Cost – $1200 (Can be paid in quarterly or monthly installments with PayPal auto-pay.)

Second Year Participants

90% of teachers participate in the program for a second year. If you choose to participate a second year in the full program you will be encouraged to engage in a Special Project of your choosing to present to the group.

Second year teachers may pay to participate in quarterly workshops only with no long-term commitment necessary. This option does not include one-on-one check-ins or other perks of the full program.

Cost per quarterly workshop – $198

Cost – $1200 (Can be paid in quarterly or monthly installments with PayPal auto-pay.) If the cost of the program goes up, participants are grandfathered in at their original rate.

Third Year Participants

Third year participants are considered Alumni and will continue to have access to the Facebook group, Manual Cueing Video Series, and online platform (access to new content) for the lifetime of the program. Third year participants can also participate in the tele workshops, but will not have access to on-on-one coaching.

Optional Online Platform

This platform is essentially the online version of the mentoring program and will include teachers from all over the world. The material will follow the same framework, based on the Mentoring Manual, but will also include additional opportunities for self-study, more video and audio.

This add-on is perfect for people who live far enough from Northern California that they can’t always make the live workshops or for those who travel frequently. Or for those who just want more :)

Cost – $397


What Happens When You Are Accepted

You will…

  • Schedule a program orientation with Chantill (1.5 hours)
    • Receive a copy of the Mentoring Manual (a 200 plus page guide book for your journey) PLUS
    • Receive a copy of “Moving Beyond Technique: How to master your craft, nurture your passion and create a thriving Pilates business.”
    • Receive a schedule of:
      • Monthly tele workshops (group calls)
      • Quarterly workshops
    • Be asked to pick a consistent day and time for your monthly one-on-one coaching call (30-45 minutes)
    • Receive a “Where Are You Now” questionnaire to fill out
  • Be invited to a private Facebook group
  • Be invited to register for the Manual Cueing Series
  • (Optional) Be invited to join the online platform provided via Ruzuku
    • Be asked to download a bio and photo into Ruzuku


I very much look forward to working with you. Please don’t hesitate to call or email me with any questions that you might have about the program. I am always happy to sit and chat with you about how this program might benefit you.

You can reach me, Chantill Lopez, at (707) 738-7951 or via email at
Please visit for the following documents:


Learn more about Skillful Teaching and Chantill’s book: “Moving Beyond Technique: How To Nurture Your Passion, Master Your Craft, and Create a Thriving Pilates Business” now!