• Kristen Iuppenlatz Grech, Owner, Master Pilates and CoreAlign Teacher

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    It is my personal goal to bring my favorite quote of Joe’s to life by guiding my students toward ‘naturally, easily, and satisfactorily performing our many and varied daily tasks with spontaneous zest and pleasure.’ What better way to live than with spontaneous zest and pleasure?!!

    Kristen began her study of Pilates in 1993 to alleviate chronic pain from two car accidents. She trained in the PhysicalMind Method before attending the Pilates Teacher Training Intensive at the San Francisco Ellie Herman Studios in 2000. She owned Resilience Pilates Studio for four years before joining forces with Chantill to create Pilates Collective. Kristen studied with four of the five first-generation Pilates teachers who were taught directly by Joseph and Clara Pilates. She draws on her expertise in all forms of practicing and teaching Pilates to create an individualized Pilates program addressing her clients’ needs, and is especially focused on integrating Pilates into everyday movement such as walking.

    Kristen creates an individualized Pilates program to address the needs of each of her clients. She is especially excited about integrating the Pilates work into everyday movement such as walking.

    Kristen has received training in Walkilates with Ellie Herman and Nancy Myers, Rehabilitative Pilates with Lizz Roman, Pilates for Osteoporosis with Sherri Betz, PT, Pilates for Golf with Sarah Christensen, and in CoreAlign with Jonathan Hoffman, PT. is a member of the Balanced Body University faculty. Kristen’s background is in performing and directing musical theatre, and in voiceover. She is the creator of the Dynamic Presence curriculum developed to help teachers enhance their ability to train both individual students and large groups.

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    Chantill Lopez – Co-founder, Director of Education, Master Teacher

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    Movement is the way I experience the world; one of the greatest ways I relate to the joy of being alive. That is the experience I hope to share in some small way with everyone who endeavors to know their body better.

    Chantill has practiced Pilates for nearly 20 years and has taught in both California and Hawaii. She holds Pilates certifications from the PhysicalMind Institute and Body Kinetics with Master Teacher Carol Appel. Chantill is also certified in Yamuna Body Rolling and has continued to study methods such as yoga, Feldenkrais, the Franklin Method, Authentic Movement, and the Halprin Life/Art Process. Over the years she has trained in the Walkilates method as well as obtained certificates in Pilates for Golf. She is a Pilates Method Alliance Certified Pilates Teacher (CPT) and a Balanced Body faculty member.

    As a teacher Chantill strives to meet every student where they are, balancing the inherent power of the classic Pilates method with contemporary techniques that support optimizing the body’s natural potential. Her teaching approach focuses on strengthening, opening and body-mind consciousness, as well as deep knowledge of functional anatomy. Chantill works with each student to help them discover how their body is meant to work and then restoring it to it’s optimal potential.

    Her path has been laid in part by her amazing mentor, Carol Appel, and the many teachers that have inspired her to not be just a good teacher — but instead an exceptional one: Amy Taylor Alpers, Elizabeth Larkam, Nora St. John, Tom McCook, and Cori Martinez to name just a few.

    Chantill Lopez founder of two studios, including Pilates Collective, the creator of SkillfulTeaching.com and the author of “Moving Beyond Technique: How To Nurture Your Passion, Master Your Craft, and Create a Thriving Pilates Business.” She also contributes to Pilates Digest, Pilates-Pro, Elephant Journal and the Balanced Body Coreterly.

    Chantill’s Teaching Philosophy: Be real. Don’t fake it. Be able to say I don’t know. Laugh at myself. Extend compassion to myself and my students. Enter in fully, every time, ready or not.

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    Angelina Alire – Full Teacher, Reiki Master

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    Pilates is an excellent tool for dealing with and living with chronic pain – I see the tremendous benefits for my clients every day!

    Angelina received her Mat and Apparatus certifications at ITT pilates in 2007. She trained under Master Instructors Debra Schubert, Madeline Black, Joerg Chabowski and Jean Sullivan. She has been a certified Pilates Instructor since 2008 and currently teaches privates, Trios, duets, springboard and CoreAlign classes at Pilates Collective. Angelina has worked with athletic students, active adults and those with chronic pain. Having personal knowledge of chronic pain, Angelina uses her Pilates training along with her knowledge of Reiki mastery, energy work, and her intuitive skill to work deeply and effectively with those who experience fibromyalgia, back pain, migraine, Lyme Disease and other chronic issues.

    Juliana Carlson – Full Teacher

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    Juliana started practicing Pilates in 2005 to build her strength and get her moving while she was attending college. Immediately feeling the vast benefits of her Pilates practice, Juliana became absolutely devoted to Pilates. After several years as a student, she decided that Pilates was what she wanted to be doing with her life and began her Balanced Body Teacher Training at the Pilates Collective. Juliana is a certified Pilates teacher and is trained in teaching on the CoreAlign apparatus, our fabulous equipment focused on alignment and movement. Juliana is interested in developing ease of movement for individuals by focusing on specific needs and designing programs to support functional movement. She works with a broad range of clients to help them overcome movement obstacles and develop strength, balance and flexibility.


    Amy Levin – Master Teacher 

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    My lifetime commitment to Pilates has done wonders for my dance and general well-being

    Amy began practicing Pilates in 1995 as a compliment to her love of Brazilian dance and Tai Chi. After experimenting with various forms of movement she found Pilates to be the most profound in gaining tone and strength, and healing from chronic hyper-mobility.

    Amy teaches one on one Pilates sessions and group classes with emphasis on alignment, strength, flexibility, and flow of movement. She works with those whose goals are fitness as well as those requiring strengthening to recover from injury. She has been certified through Mercy Sidbury, a prominent teacher in the world of Pilates, for 17 years and has been practicing and studying Pilates continually to enrich her knowledge. Her goal is to share with others the joys and milestones that Pilates has provided her over the years. She is also a Brazilian Dance instructor and applies Pilates to her dance classes, creating a safe and enjoyable environment to move with grace.

    Geoff Lusk – Full Teacher

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    The beauty of teaching is to see the joy of Pilates through my student’s fresh eyes every time I show them a new exercise.

    Geoff has taught at the Pilates Collective as an Ellie Herman certified instructor since 2010.  He uses a blend of Pilates, Tai Chi and Franklin techniques and the energetic awareness and mindfulness he learned through them to help people rebuild their strength and conditioning, and teaches both private sessions and springboard classes.



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    Kerstin Stuart, Full Teacher

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    Pilates combines the body’s instinct with the mind’s intelligence and the spirit’s joy


    Kerstin received her Pilates certification in 2007 from Pacific Movement Center in Santa Cruz, CA. Previously Kerstin taught in private studios in Monterey, at UCSF in San Francisco, and at Sausalito Healing Arts. She has a BA in Dance from UCSB, where her training emphasized modern release technique, environmental dance, contact dance and dance for healing. Along with her dance and Pilates training, she has investigated the human body through yoga, continuum, qi-quong, meditation, ceremony and nature studies. Her love of studying and playing with movement comes from how it combines the body’s instinct with the mind’s intelligence and the spirit’s joy.

    Michal Victoria – Apprentice Teacher

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    Pilates is magic. Few reps, 1 set of a few exercises, and I end up with that cleaned out from the inside feeling, vitalized, more flexible, and in better shape than hours put in the gym!! Pure magic.

    Michal Victoria, transplanted New Yawka, was a fitness/health buff from way back, a dancer, a swimmer, a lifeguard who at age 14 held her own aqua-aerobics classes in the pool, just for kicks. She was a certified as an instructor at Jack LaLane at the tender age of 16 (she lied about her age) and the Vertical Club. She became an amateur competitive bodybuilder and at 19, competed in The AAU Western Massachusetts. After relocating to CA, she started her own personal training business in San Francisco. She began her parallel interest as a performing artist at the age of 9, studying and performing in Carnegie Hall (vaudeville!) at The Neighborhood Playhouse Conservatory. A slow developing chronic illness shadowed her throughout, and eventually derailed her life. Her twenties were spent in a bed, watching the world out of the window.

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