Pilates Collective student Lynn GaleazziAt Pilates Collective, we are honored by the opportunity to work with members of our community to help them achieve their health and fitness goals. We particularly love celebrating their success! Lynn Galeazzi has embraced Pilates to reduce pain and improve her ability to ride horses – one of her favorite pastimes. Your Pilates strength and skills don’t just help you in the studio; they are fabulous tools for improving your movement, health and wellness in every aspect of your life.  

I had been taking private Pilates mat classes for several years at a horse facility where I ride, and I also wanted to work on Pilates equipment. I had heard good things about Kristen and Pilates Collective so I called her to begin my journey.  I have struggled with leg and hip pain for years.  My work with Kristen has helped strengthen these areas and my pain is now almost non existent. Pilates has also tremendously helped my riding, and improved my riding position and balance.

I cannot choose a favorite piece of equipment!  I enjoy the challenge of using all of the equipment in their studio, and I never get bored here. I have and will continue to recommend Pilates Collective to all my family and friends.