Pilates Props

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Welcome to the easiest way to get the Pilates props you need to make your home practice a great success! Simply choose one of our affiliate links and order your Pilates props to be sent directly to your home! It is that easy!

Pilates props

At Manduka you’ll find:

Yoga blocks, straps and great thick mats perfect for Pilates; fantastic sustainable workout wear for men and women; bags, bolsters and educational material – DVD’s and books. Yoga and Pilates props for students at any level.


At Perform Better you’ll find:

Rollers! Yeah! Massage and body therapy balls of all sorts, therabands and other resistant training tools, SoftGym balls, stability/balance tools, and many more Pilates props!

Click the images below to go directly to your favorite Pilates props:

EVA Foam Rollers

Body Massage Balls


Resistance Bands

Stability Balls

Large Spikey Foot Massage Ball

Other Pilates Props

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Pilates Props