What We Offer

At Pilates Collective, we offer a range of services from Pilates group classes, equipment sessions, self-practice to work the CoreAlign and Reiki therapy. We help students attain their wellness goals through joyful and mindful movement. Questions? Get in touch.

For rates, see our Getting Started page. All sessions are 55 minutes long, unless otherwise noted.

Individual, Duet and Trio Sessions on the Pilates Equipment

Our individual, duet and trio sessions take advantage of the full range of Pilates equipment, including the reformer, trapeze table, chair, tower, barrels and all the props!

  • Trios: A great, affordable way to get your equipment workout in. Trios include one teacher leading three students in a full-body exercise program using a combination of Pilates equipment. You can sign up online today for any Trio class on the schedule! Some trios combine Pilates work with exercise on the CoreAlign.
  • Duets: For a little more attention from your instructor, sign up for a duet. Like the trio classes, your instructor will lead you and another student on a full-body workout using a variety of Pilates equipment. You’ll feel good and have fun. Contact the studio to schedule your duet today.
  • Individual Sessions: Individual sessions give students an opportunity to have an in-depth, one-on-one exercise program. Great for people with injuries or specific concerns and for those who want to see fast results. Contact the studio to schedule your individual session today.

Group Classes

Our six-person group classes offer an affordable way to participate in full-body, mindful movement. Sign up for any group class online or just give us a call.

If you’re new to Pilates Collective, our 30 Day Unlimited Class Trial for only $69 is a great way to experience what the studio has to offer.  Come try any of our Springboard, Mat and Cardio classes for 30 days, meet our excellent teachers and feel how Pilates can make a real impact on your life!

  • Springboard: The Pilates Springboard is a fantastic and versatile piece of equipment evolved from the classic Trapeze Table by Master Teacher Ellie Herman. Springboard classes include adapted classic Mat and Trap Table work to create a balanced, supportive and challenging repertoire working with arm and leg spring resistance. Build a third dimension to your workout!
  • Mat: The original Pilates workout! Our mat classes offer a challenging array of full body exercises designed to connect you to your core and help you feel energized and aligned.
  • Booty Camp: These faster-moving cardio classes incorporate springboard and mat exercises to workout your whole body and elevate your heart rate.


We are also pleased to make our studio and available for self-practice if you receive approval from your teacher, who will create an individualized program for you. In addition, we ask that you come to at least one class or session with a teacher a week to ensure proper form and continued growth. Self practice is encouraged any time there is a teacher in the studio but teacher’s access to the equipment takes precedence over that of the self practice student – so coming in during the afternoon hours is advisable when there is less going on. Contact the studio at 707-829-8746 for more information and to sign up.

Reiki Therapy

The Pilates principles – Centering, Concentration, Precision, Control, Breath, Flow – are not always easy for us to access in our Pilates sessions. Especially when our monkey minds distract us from being present in our own bodies! Reiki can help.

Reiki is an early 20th century Japanese laying on of hands technique, developed by Dr. Mikao Usui. It is passed on in a lineage from an attuned master to a student. A Reiki practitioner is trained and energetically attuned to channel “Qui” or life force energy into a person to restore free-flowing energy in areas perceived as blocked or stagnant.

Pilates Collective Master Teacher Angelina Alire is also a master Reiki practitioner, who offers Reiki sessions before, during or after  your Pilates session to help you center yourself and your energy. The results? Yummy relaxation with the bonus of improved mental and emotional clarity and reduced pain.

Sessions with Student and Apprentice Teachers

As a training studio we also offer an opportunity to work with Student and Apprentice teachers. These teachers have completed extensive training and are in the process of accumulating the necessary hours to satisfy the final test-out requirements. Highly skilled and diligent, out student teachers offer a great chance to have private sessions with less expense.


Watch CoreAlign Demo Video Now!

Pilates Collective also offers Individual, Duet and Trio sessions on the CoreAlign equipment!

The CoreAlign method stimulates the core stability muscles to fire in perfect timing while performing challenging exercises, very deep stretches and core controlled aerobic training. This method is used for musculoskeletal rehabilitation, performance enhancement and as a regular exercise for a healthy lifestyle.

If you have gait or movement limitations, CoreAlign is a fantastic technique for rehabilitation and improvement of your alignment and body mechanics. Plus, it’s a great workout!

MORE CoreAlign VIDEOS by Balanced Body – Watch NOW!

Pilates for Golf

The program helps builds strength and flexibility simultaneously, develops core strength, improves posture and alignment, and creates stability. All the elements needed for a great swing!

Pilates for Golf is a technique for moving in a way that is the most natural, efficient and pain free. You’ll learn to drive to the course, walk, tee off and putt in the Pilates technique.

While some of the exercises and stretches may look familiar, it is an understanding of the underlying Pilates techniques that make them so powerful.

We offer group clinics or one-on-one workouts. What you can expect:

  • A 12 point biomechanics assessment
  • An in studio program
  • A specially designed home program
  • A Pre-game injury prevention routine

Contact the studio for more information and to set up a Private Program or Clinic at 707-829-8746.


Pilates for Athletes

Pilates is a great supplement to the dedicated athlete’s training regimen.   Besides building core strength Pilates trains the body to move efficiently which leads to greater endurance and helps avoid injury.

What students can expect from the program:

  • A challenging core workout
  • Aerobic exercises to build endurance
  • Creative stretches to release overworked muscles
  • Homework tailored to fit your sport’s particular requirements
Expected results:
  • A stronger core
  • More explosive power
  • Greater stamina
  • Increased flexibility
  • Fewer injuries

For more information, please call 707-829-8746.


Pre- & Post-natal Pilates

Pilates Collective is a place where women can begin or continue their Pilates practice while trying to become pregnant, during their pregnancy, and after the birth of their child(ren). We offer safe, nurturing and effective Pilates practice to help women with the transition to motherhood.

What you can expect from the program:

  • We offer mat and equipment classes, trio, duet and private training sessions to women who are pregnant, thinking about becoming pregnant and/or who have just had babies.
  • We provide safe, effective workouts that prepare you for the physical and emotional rigors of becoming a mother.
  • We help you address post-partum rehabilitation needs (pelvic floor stabilization, diastsis recti repair, etc.).
  • We provide a place to build community for new and expectant mothers.
  • We work with other healthcare, bodywork, and fitness providers in the community to address your needs.